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Collecting Soil from Asteroids

Most people don’t know that we have sent out two missions to asteroids that will bring back soil samples! Now that’s no small feat — the asteroids are moving at a speed of 25 Km/s — their speed varies based on their distance from the sun. Meanwhile, the two spacecraft […]

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Did Marconi Invent the Radio?

Chances are that radio and television have been the go to activities for many of you during isolation. And let’s not forget video and audio podcasting. Thank god for that — or should we be thanking Marconi? Well, there were others before Marconi, in fact 80 years of science led […]

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Jupiter: Giant of the Solar System

Although it is named after the Roman God of sky and thunder (and king of the gods), ancient civilizations long before the Romans knew of Jupiter. It is one of the brightest objects in the sky and is visible to the naked eye, so it was easy to spot. This […]

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Back to Africa

The history of our ancient African ancestors, how they all interbred & the diversity present in the African continent today. Read

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A History of the Rocket

A brief history of the rocket and the rocket scientists that helped to build it. Read

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Are the Earth’s Magnetic Poles Flipping?

Earth has geographic poles and magnetic poles. Find out how the northern and southern lights are created, what is the magnetosphere and are the poles flipping? Read

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February 21, 2020 Saima Baig cancer,health,immunity,medicine no responses

Cancer Killing Immune Cells and Living Robots

Have we found a universal cancer killing immune cell and created new lifeforms? Read

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Fantastic Women Series — Ada Lovelace, First Computer Programmer

Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, was born on December 10, 1815. She was the daughter of the famous poet Lord Byron and his wife Anne Isabella Noel Byron. However, being Lord Byron’s only legitimate child is not her claim to fame. Ada Lovelace was an extremely brilliant woman, who […]

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Voyagers 1 & 2 – The Spacecraft That Keep on Giving

A blog celebrating Voyagers 1 and 2, two or our longest running and farthest spacecraft, still going strong after 42 years. Voyager 2 recently transmitted new data from interstellar space. We also talk about their connection to Carl Sagan and the Pale Blue Dot. Read

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October 14, 2019 Saima Baig antivaxxers,polio,small pox,vaccines no responses

Are Anti-Vaxxers right? | Shattering Myths Blog

We talk about conspiracy theories around vaccines and what anti-vaxxers are afraid of. Read

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