(Published in Sedaa-Our Voices) “In the infancy of societies, the chiefs of state shape its institutions; later the institutions shape the chiefs of state,” said Charles de Montesquieu. On Pakistan and how its army controls it. Read

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September 3, 2017 Saima Baig no responses

Not Beating The Domestic Staff Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You Have Empathy For Them

(Published in Dunya Blogs) Most of the domestic staff in this country is paid less than the minimum wage. They hardly get to see their families because most live away from them. We need to see their lack of privilege. We need to understand it. We need to be people […]

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I’ve Just Become An Organ Donor. Here’s Why You Should Be One As Well

(Published in Dunya Blogs) Your heart, liver, lungs or corneas can save a life or enable someone to see. It is better than becoming worm food. As your last living act, give the gift of life to someone else – be an organ donor. Read More.

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(Published in Sedaa – Our Voices) “Honour” is the property of the men in our society. It is their honour that gets maligned when their other property, their women do something of their own free will. I say property of men because this is a patriarchal society and men make the rules of morality […]

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Council Of Thieves: There Is No Place For Panchayats In The 21st Century

Published in Dunya News In the 21st century, there is no place for these panchayats anymore. Anyone who supports them and romanticises their utility is either misguided or a criminal himself. Traditions and cultures are not static. They evolve with new information, technology and time. Holding on to practices such as […]

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We have been silenced into submission because we don’t want to be the next Mashal

(Published in The Nation Pakistan) While terrorists are given the benefit of the doubt, activists and writers are taken to task in the worst possible manner. And what better way to do so than to use blasphemy. It is a time honoured tactic. And it has again been successful. Journalists […]

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April 18, 2017 Saima Baig domestic violence,Islam,Quran,VAWG no responses

How to beat your wife

(Published in SEDAA – Our Voices) If you want people to respect your religion, then accept that there are problematic verses in the Quran and reform them. Do not try to tell us that we are making a big deal. Let me reiterate, it’s not that these commands are not […]

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Rannikot: The mountains, the desert and the wall

(Published in The Nation Pakistan) Out amongst the Kirthar Mountains, in the eastern side of Kirthar National Park, in the middle of nowhere, lies Rannikot. Also known as the Great Wall of Sindh and the largest fort in the world, Rannikot is actually a 35km (some estimate 45km) wall encircling […]

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Pakistan: The land of bigotry, misogyny and violence with blasphemy allegations as its raison d’etre

(Published in The Nation Pakistan) Freedom of speech is an important characteristic of civilized society. Censoring content and threatening people just ensures that the only kind of progress you make is in oppressing people. Using misogyny as a counter argument does not make you macho; it just shows your pathetic […]

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A Walk on Kot Diji Fort

(Published in The Nation Pakistan) One can only wish that these sites would be excavated and researched further, so that we can also know more about our past and contribute to world history, like the other great ancient civilizations. Read More

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