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Zika virus: Despite being low risk, Pakistan cannot afford to be complacent

(Published in The Nation Pakistan) Asian countries such as Pakistan, while low risk for now, cannot afford to be complacent. More efforts need to be made to control this mosquito in order to curtail the spread of both Dengue and Zika. And more information needs to be provided to people […]

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What will Pakistan bring to COP21?

(Published in The Nation) The country is likely to face extremely high financial, social and environmental costs in terms of water shortages, food insecurity and energy deficits, which will substantially limit its ability for future sustainable development. All of these issues are due to the combined effects of a lack […]

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Pakistan: The Road to COP21

(Published in Crisis Response Journal) The COP21 this year aims to put countries on the same page in the fight for the planet, and Pakistan needs to be making its own contribution – but as the author notes, it most likely will not. Can a developing country that is routinely […]

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No, India did not cause the heat wave in Karachi

(Published in The Nation Pakistan) Developing countries like Pakistan should contribute to global mitigation efforts, but more importantly, Pakistan needs a solid adaptation plan that will ensure that human and natural systems are made resilient to the impacts of a warming world. Click here.

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Celebrating the Earth

(Published in The Nation) Earth Day and for that matter many environment conservation efforts now have climate change as their central agenda. This is because our footprint on this planet has ensured that we continue to increase global temperatures to the extent that all other damage we have done through […]

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Adapting to climate change

(Published in The Nation Pakistan) Over the past two decades it has become increasingly clear that climate is changing across the globe. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its first assessment report in 1990, highlighting this aspect. Since then, its subsequent reports have continued to provide further and […]

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