Ancient Colombian Rock Art

You may remember reading an article or two in UK newspapers about a new rock art discovery in Colombia, which the papers called the “Sistine Chapel of Ancient’s Rock Art”. Well, the articles were not entirely accurate. They gave the impression that this was a new discovery and had been […]

The Aztec Empire

The term Aztec is used to refer to the Mexica of Tenochtitlan, as well as the broader Nahuatl speaking people of central Mexico before and after the Spanish colonial era. The Aztec Empire in Mesoamerica was in power in Mexico between the 14th and 16th centuries. Read more 

The Amazon is Now Emitting More Greenhouse Gases Than it is Absorbing l Blogpost

The Amazon is Earth’s largest tropical rainforest with its own self-sustainaing regional climate and hydrological system. It contains a diversity of forests – from montane to mangroves – across a range of distinct soils and substrates, supported by a biogeochemically-diverse riverine network that drives extensive seasonal rainfall. It has been […]

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