Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Master of Environmental Management
2004 – 2006

Southeastern University

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance
1993 – 1995

Punjab University, Pakistan

Bachelor of Science, (BSc.) Physics, Mathematics and Statistics

The Open University

Certificate Courses:

  • Climate change: transition to sustainability
  • Changing Cities
  • Can Renewable Energy Sources Power the World?
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Nuclear power: Friend or foe?
  • Transport and Sustainability

DoLocal Ltd. 
Director, January 2019 to date, Liverpool, UK
Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and Blogging services for businesses.
– Search Engine Optimization for businesses, including local listings.
– Content creation for websites, newsletters or press releases, using relevant keywords and
copy that utilizes SEO.
– Script-writing for business videos/vlogs and podcasts.

Chartered Environmentalist 
July 2018 to date, Liverpool, UK
Environmental economics and ecosystems based adaptation projects and research. Studies, data & impact analyses, and strategic problem solving for climate change, environmental, conservation and sustainable development issues, as well as developing policy documents, technical papers, guidelines, frameworks and scientific solutions for their mitigation.

Content creation, technical writing, article writing, blogging and editing services for businesses, conservation organisations, newspapers, magazines and other entities, on corporate social responsibility (CSR), conservation, nature, environment, sustainable development and climate change, by synthesizing complex technical, scientific and policy issues and their solutions. Also, providing ghost writing services on any subject.

Sustainable development, social responsibility, environmental, conservation and climate change awareness raising activities, environmental orientation workshops, training activities for students, teachers, businesses and other organisations.

Writer and Content Creator,
June 2019 to date, Liverpool, UK
A knowledge portal for blogs, vlogs and podcasts on science, history, nature and climate change. Covering everything from the Big Bang to today, taking a 360 view of life, the universe and the history of everything.

Environmental Economist and Climate Change Researcher
2013 – June 2018, Pakistan & UK
Published strategic studies on diverse topics, such as ecosystems based adaptation, resilience and environmental economics. Engaged in research, quantitative and qualitative data analysis and strategic problem solving to offer effective and creative solutions for climate change.

Developed and published a conceptual framework on enhancing resilience towards climate change; studies on cost and benefits of ecosystem-based adaptation that looked at the economic value of nature-based solutions to climate change; and a research study on the synthesis between climate change mitigation and adaptation for countries in South America, Africa and Asia.

Published papers were launched at the UNFCCC COPS 20 (Lima) and COP 21 (Paris). Have in-depth understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, and UNFCCC agreements (such as the Paris Agreement).

Indus Valley School
English teacher for 7th and 9th grades, 2014– 2015, Karachi, Pakistan

Links School
School Administrator, 2013 – 2014, Karachi, Pakistan
Responsible for overseeing teaching staff, organizing examinations and other day-to day school activities.

IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature                                 
Head, Regional Environmental Economics Programme, Ecosystems and Livelihoods Group, IUCN Asia, May 2009 – May 2011, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Provided programmatic oversight and coordination across the Group and was responsible for budgeting, administration, monitoring and evaluation. Led and managed a multidisciplinary, cross-functional team to develop and execute high quality projects across Asia, while driving process improvement and strategic problem solving in a constantly changing environment. Most importantly, developed and maintained productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including donors, community members and other component programmes of IUCN Asia.

Developed and authored governance, economic valuation and sustainable financing strategies and plans for projects in Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Lao PDR, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Maldives among other countries in Asia. Conducted training workshops and awareness raising activities on environmental economics, gender integration, environmental management and sustainable development. Assessed new opportunities developed new projects and contributed to project proposals to acquire funding. Represented IUCN Asia at international fora individually and as team leader.

IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature                                 
Consultant Environmental Economics, Ecosystems and Livelihoods Group, IUCN Asia, November 2007 – April 2009, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Coordinated a project supported by the UK Government entitled Ecosystems Research and Poverty Alleviation Research Programme. This required undertaking a situation analysis on Ecosystem Services and their links to the livelihoods of the poor in Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Was involved in liaising and coordinating with a multidisciplinary team to execute the project, undertaking awareness raising activities and contributing to the final study. Provided technical support and oversight for a project on Environmental Fiscal Reforms in Pakistan.

IUCN – The World Conservation Union
Coordinator, Business and Biodiversity and Environmental Economics Programme, October 2006 – November 2007, Karachi, Pakistan
Conceptualized and developed the Business and Biodiversity Programme by forming effective networks and alliances with the private sector and pursuing joint environmental and social projects to strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility. Conducted training programmes and organized conferences on CSR and economics. Managed and coordinated a project on Environmental Fiscal Reforms, which required extensive research on and analysis of fiscal issues, as well as piloting environmentally sustainable fiscal options in a district. Lead economist and author for an economic valuation research study that required data collection, analysis and offering strategic solutions to conserve ecosystems.

Aga Khan Development Network
Consultant, Aga Khan Building and Planning Services, July – September 2006, Karachi, Pakistan
Conducted a pre-feasibility study for the installation of biogas (renewable energy) plants in select villages in Sindh Province, as part of the national Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) initiative. This involved data collection from the villages, as well as from relevant government and non-governmental organizations.

IUCN – The World Conservation Union                                
Coordinator Programmes, Sindh Programme Office, 2002 – 2004, Karachi, Pakistan
Planned, developed, managed and coordinated the provincial programme to promote good governance, as well as working with other programme offices to create an integrated and strategic approach for sustainable development. Provided oversight to and managed various large high profile programmes and projects, aimed at multiple stakeholders and funded by different international donors. This included building common agendas and finding creative solutions to policy, regulatory and operational challenges. Developed project proposals to obtain funding for new projects.

Coordinated and provided technical input into the development of the provincial Sindh Sustainable Development Strategy, District Vision Badin (Sindh) and a publication on the State of Environment and Development in Sindh. Developed a sustainable development and socio-economic strategy for West Africa, North Africa and Central Asia Region of IUCN for IUCN HQ, Gland, Switzerland.

Conducted training and awareness raising workshops on environmental issues and their solutions for teachers, media, government and civil society members. Acted as the Gender Focal Point for both IUCN Pakistan and the Asia Region to integrate gender as a crosscutting theme within all programmes and projects.

IUCN – The World Conservation Union                                                        
Deputy Coordinator, Environmental Education Programme, 2001 – 2002, Karachi, Pakistan/Assistant Coordinator, Environmental Education Programme, 1999 – 2001,Karachi, Pakistan
Acquired expertise as a trainer for environmental education and gender. Designed and conducted training workshops for schoolteachers on environmental issues and on integrating environmental aspects into the education system. Developed a teacher-training module and a website on environmental issues in Pakistan. Also conducted awareness raising activities for various stakeholders on environmental issues. Most importantly, was responsible for developing two regional environmental education strategies for the Governments of Balochistan Province and Azad Kashmir.

U.S. Consulate                                                                                               
Commercial Officer, Foreign Commercial Section, 1998 – 1999, Karachi, Pakistan
Analysed and promoted U.S. trade interests in Pakistan. Developed assessment reports on the national and provincial trade environment for the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Caltex Oil Pakistan Limited                                 
Assistant Manager, Strategic Planning Unit (Designated as the Acting Unit Manager), 1997 – 1998, Karachi, Pakistan
Was responsible for managing and coordinating the Strategic Planning Unit. Developed the 1998 Strategic Plan for Caltex Oil Pakistan and the overall business plan for the Lubricants Division. Collaborated on a currency exposure study to determine Caltex’s economic exposure in Pakistan.

Telebiz Productions Ltd.                                                                            
Research Analyst, 1996, Karachi, Pakistan
Researched, scripted, anchored, and interviewed several Pakistani corporate personalities on various business stories for Pakistan’s first television business programme.

The News International                                                                   
Corporate Promotions Executive, 1996, Karachi, Pakistan
Analysed the target audiences of Pakistan’s largest English newspaper to design and implement marketing events to increase reader interactions with the newspaper.

Jesus and Mary Convent School
Class teacher, Grade 5, 1991 – 1993, Islamabad, Pakistan

Scaling the Peaks: A story about Mountain Ecosystem Based Adaptation
IUCN 2017

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Baig, Saima; Rizvi, Ali Raza and Mike Jones. 2017. Enhancing Resilience through Forest Landscape Restoration: Conceptual Framework (Discussion Paper). IUCN, Gland, Switzerland. 13 pp.
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Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and registered member of the Royal Society for the Environment 

Full member IEMA (MIEMA)

Member of IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management, 2015 to date
Specialist Member of Thematic Groups:  Ecosystem based Adaptation and Mitigation; Resilience Thematic Group; Sustainable Use and Management of Ecosystems; and Nature based Solutions.

Member of IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy, 2015 to date
Specialist Member of Groups: Sustainable Use and Livelihoods; and Local Economies, Communities and Nature.

Member of Friends of Ecosystem based Adaptation, IUCN, 2016 to date