A Sustainable Financing Strategy for the Andaman

The project Ecologically and Socio Economically sound Coastal Ecosystem Rehabilitation and Conservation in Tsunami Affected Countries of the Indian Ocean aimed to facilitate coastal ecosystem rehabilitation and conservation activities in critically degraded and threatened ecosystems in tsunami affected countries of the Indian Ocean. Two countries were selected to implement the project: Sri Lanka and Thailand. Part of the project involved developing a Sustainable Financing Strategy for the project areas. This document serves as the Sustainable Financing Strategy for the Thailand Component. It looks at the situation in the project area and recommends financing options and other measures that would help to sustain the activities initiated as part of the project. In Thailand, the Andaman coast was chosen to implement the interventions of the project. Two watersheds: Kuraburi and Ka Poa were the main project areas where tourism, fisheries and agriculture form the main livelihoods activities.

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