Valuing Biodiversity. The economic case for biodiversity conservation in the Maldives.

In the last decade or so the world’s coastal areas have received a lot of attention – attention that has been spurred on specifically by the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004. Subsequently, the undeniable linkages between coastal resources and economic and human wellbeing have become more apparent. This is evident […]

Water and Nature – Phase 2 Mainstreaming Ecosystem Services into Water Management

Environmental Fiscal Reforms (EFR) can be a useful tool for the second phase of the Water and Nature Initiative (WANI 2), in order to garner funds for investing in ecosystem conservation as part of water infrastructure, as well as for poverty reduction. They provide the means to ensure that ecosystems […]

Are the Mangroves for the Future? Empirical Evidence of the Value of Miani Hor Mangrove Ecosystem as a Basis for investment. IUCN Pakistan 2007

Investment in ecosystem conservation tends to be biased as investment decisions are based on costs and benefits; and more often than not benefits of ecosystem conservation remain undervalued. Recently however, investment in the conservation and management of mangrove ecosystems is increasingly being seen as a key element of sustainable livelihoods […]

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