Mohen Jo Daro – Story of a city

(Published in The Nation Pakistan) The young woman looked out of the narrow slit in wall that served as a window in her house. She saw the sun rising over the brick city and the far off fields of wheat and barley, signaling to her to start her day. She […]

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No, India did not cause the heat wave in Karachi

(Published in The Nation Pakistan) Developing countries like Pakistan should contribute to global mitigation efforts, but more importantly, Pakistan needs a solid adaptation plan that will ensure that human and natural systems are made resilient to the impacts of a warming world. Click here.

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May 15, 2015 Saima Baig India,Pakistan,Pakistan Army,RAW no responses

Who’s cooking fish?

(Published in The Nation Pakistan) I think it is time to get over the greatness of our religion and nation as our only unifying factors and start asking questions of why we are where we are; and this includes not only questioning ourselves but most importantly, our leadership. Click here […]

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March 6, 2015 Saima Baig India,Pakistan,Patriarchy,Rape no responses

It’s all your fault!

(Published in The Nation) The days of women as chattel are over and it is time for everyone to understand that women are human beings with the same rights as men. Rape is about power and as long as the narrative remains what it is, this manifestation of power is […]

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February 6, 2015 Saima Baig India,Jugular Vein,Kashmir,Pakistan no responses

Kashmir is not Pakistan’s ‘jugular vein’

(Published in The Nation Pakistan) Kashmir is not the jugular vein of Pakistan. And therefore, it would be much better for us to move on from Kashmir and concentrate on the issues that are bleeding the country to death, slowly but surely. Instead of dreaming about adding to our land […]

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